I have always shared the Babe Ruth’s strong love for the game of baseball. Known as the Sultan of Swat, he broke Baseball’s home run record in 1927, hitting 60 home runs. Early in my life, I was encouraged to play baseball by my father, and during my childhood, the game of baseball dominated my life, and still does.

Don Weiskopf In 1999, following the publication of “Baseball Play America” and “A Plan for Baseball”, we put online a new website, which, in addition to featured stories has covered the major issues and problems of baseball on all levels of play.

I have had the pleasure to author 16 books on sports, recreation and leisure, including 9 baseball instructional textbooks. Among my many books are “Baseball, the Major League Way”, “How to Play Baseball”, and two editions co-authored with Walter Alston, Hall of Fame manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers, entitled “The Complete Baseball Handbook”.

As a writer for Athletic Journal, a national magazine for coaches and athletes, I wrote 100 instructional how to play articles on the basic fundamentals of baseball, including numerous sequence-series photographs which I took of major league players and interviews with managers and coaches. They appear regularly in my Photo Gallery, Skills and Strategies, and Training & Organization pages.

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